I came by this shop because my car's spoiler fin had a hideously large chip in its paint that was constantly peeling off and needed to be re-done. The staff was busy when I arrived but I didn't have to wait too long to get an initial estimate that was very reasonable, and I was impressed at how well the staff honored that price estimate when it came time to pay. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and even offered to remove the fin while they stripped the peeling paint off so that I could have a car to drive until it was time to re-paint the spoiler.

The final product was very well done; they matched the spoiler's paint job to the eight-year-old paint job of the car's body extraordinarily well and brought the car out looking good as new. My own experience was top-notch.

The one disadvantage to this spot that I noticed was that they seemed to be very busy during my visits there. They have a very professional and inviting front office, but it was rarely staffed when I dropped by; on the other hand, the workers in the garage were more than willing to point me in the direction of the manager, often out in the shop or in their secured lot. I noticed the staff seemed to be covering two or three different jobs at any one time, but in spite of this I never had to wait more than ten to fifteen minutes to get my business taken care of--something that can't be said for some other auto shops I've visited in the past!

So why did I pick five stars for this body shop? When it comes time to consider the entire experience, this company has definitely earned it in my perspective. With the integrity of the manager and his staff, their helpful advice, reasonable waits in line, and of course the quality of the work done, I found this to be a very promising business. If I ever have the need for more complicated work on my car than the simple re-paint I had done, I would definitely make this place my first stop.

Tyler. Watauga TX

I ran over to a construction zone and my car stopped running. My car suffered interior and exterior damage. I had heard about planetpaint collision through my friend. I immediately called them up. They arranged for the towing of my car.I had told them about the urgency of getting the car repaired soon because I didn't have rental coverage. The manager was kind and I knew what he was doing. He got my car repaired well ahead of schedule.

I am impressed with their quality of service.

Lito Sandiego Allen TX